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Navonmesh Technologies

“We help startup founders and CEOs find niche viable product and pitch it to customers and investors”

Navonmesh Technologies offer wide variety of services to startup and growing companies. We understand chaotic yet super exciting world of startups. Some start as part time while others leave everything and jump right into it. Whatever your case may be, we are here to help and work with you. We bring tons of startup experience, creative and sharp minds, passionate and dedicated people, unbeatable positive energy and confidence. You will be in great company of CRAZY (Creative, Rational, Agile, Zealous, Young) people. Please note – we said, we work WITH YOU, not for you. Since we will be equally passionate to work on your idea to make it real, we are here to help you wherever you need us. Oh yes, we sign NDA (Non Disclosure Agreement) upfront.

You may avail any of our below services individually or in combination depending on where you are in your startup.  You get first two consultations absolutely free (one of them is on any specific area of your concern/interest.. how cool is that?) So, what are you waiting for, Lets get talking.


Ideation / MVP – This is the first most important step in your journey. Every entrepreneur is passionate about his/her idea, but understand my friend, not everything is equally important to the customer. When you start putting an idea on paper or create a storyboard, several threads emerge and identifying the most critical, valuable, useful becomes a huge task. We will help you in this ideation process to eliminate the noise and get clarity on minimal viable product – a product that demonstrates your concept, gets customer excited, and build a solid foundation for the next steps. Other part of this is (and if you haven’t done yet), identifying meaningful yet catchy product/domain name, build a suitable tagline, secure a domain name and other social media ids, create your logo and many other services will be done to build your brand from day 1. We help you define product strategy/roadmap.

Business Model – As you work on your idea, as a startup CEO you must think for business model of your idea. An idea is as successful as its execution is and to execute any idea as a business, one has to think of several aspects of business. So, put on your CEO hat and lets see “what’s your business model look like”. We use popular tools such as Business Model Canvas and Lean Canvas to begin with. Eventually you will also put together business model presentation deck and business plan for your potential investors. We will help you in every aspect of it.


Customer Validation – Everyday, we interact with many entrepreneurs who are just focused on their idea/product/technology. Customer is the last thing in their mind. Lets be real. If there is no real user or paying customer, why build it? The first lesson of lean methodologies is to do customer validation. We will help you do just that by using our proven methods. Our experience has shown that many ideas reshape (pivot) after customer validation. We will increase the odds of your success.

Pitching / Marketing – As an entrepreneur, somewhere down the mind you are always thinking about pitching. Be it an elevator pitch, or investors pitch, marketing pitch or business pitch, we will help you create a crisp, powerful, and resonating pitch. We help create to-the-point visual presentations. We also help in creating marketing plan, social media presence, launch events. Our founder is a passionate award winning public speaker. He speaks at various conferences on entrepreneurship and value of public speaking. He pays a special attention in providing these services. We are confident that your confidence will boost 10x with our pitching/marketing services.


Prototype – Nothing beats a quick, working prototype of your idea. Our creative engineering team builds amazing prototypes that will help you see your idea taking shape. It helps you demonstrate your product to your customers, builds confidence, collects feedback, and gives you a huge leap towards your goals. Creativity, technology, and quality processes come to us naturally. We have a very capable and passionate team of web and mobile application developers.

Beta Testing – We have a great pool of global beta testers from different domains. They not only help you find bugs but help you with domain specific suggestions. We will help you in A/B testing, Beta testing, and many more. No software is perfect, thats why there are versions and releases. So, the goal of beta testing is to not to make a “perfect product” but a “professional product”. Our team will help you find relevant and meaningful defects/improvements – value for your money and time.

Not sure where to start? Need more information? Lets get talking.

We look forward talking to you soon!

Team Navonmesh